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PUBG, League of Legends, Battlefield 1, Warcraft III, Starcraft II


Western US Roadtrip in 2017, Ecovolunteering in an Irish farm, Roadtrips in Spain


Designed company and association logos, event posters, business cards and banners

Metal Detecting
in France

Landes and Pyrénées Altantiques, France

Metal detector Teknetics Gamma 6000

My passion for metal detecting began in South-West France 9 years ago. Renovating an old house with my father, I uncovered by chance an old knife by digging along a wall of the property. A few weeks later, I purchased a metal detector and started detecting in the Landes Forest. Although this forest is young, it has a rich history. A mere 200 years ago, Landes region was a wetland with non-workable areas. Napoléon III fell in love with the Landes seaside and undertook the wetlands drain to revitalize the lands and stabilize the coastal dunes. He achieved this by doing a massive maritime pine planting, the tree that has become the region's emblem. This forest substantially changed the social and economic lifestyle of the region and introduced a very lucrative business: the resin extraction. Also called pine-tapping, this activity is to tap a piece of zinc into the tree so the resin drains into a container. When I was doing metal detecting in the Landes Forest, I uncovered hundreds of those ancient zinc stripes, silent witnesses of a bygone time. Among my most interesting findings, I discovered Napoléon coins, buttons of Napoléon military, coins from the French Revolution, bronze and silver jewels. My oldest finding is a bronze coin dated 1624. There is a powerful feeling, an intense emotion when you uncover an object that has been lost hundreds of years ago by a person from a different time. It is this glimpse of time that I am really looking for when I do metal detecting.

My recent findings

Western US Roadtrip

During the summer of 2017 I took a roadtrip in Western US. For two weeks, we drove 4000km with a Jeep Renegade - the path taken appears in blue on the map. To see the pictures and details of each step of the roadtrip, click the red numbered markers. To easily pass from one step to another, use the side arrows.

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